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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMEI number?

How can I find the IMEI of a mobile phone?

How can IMEI status of a mobile phone be checked with EIRS?

What does compliant IMEI or non-compliant IMEI with EIRS mean?

What does registered IMEI with EIRS mean?

How do I register the IMEI of my mobile device with EIRS?

My mobile phone has a compliant IMEI. Do I still have to register its IMEI with EIRS?

My mobile phone has a non-compliant IMEI. Is it possible to continue working in Cambodia?

What is amnesty period of EIRS?

My mobile phone is in use with mobile services, is there any impact during amnesty period?

What types of mobile device are required to register with EIRS during this amnesty period?

Can I get mobile phones from outside of Cambodia and use them in Cambodia?

Should I check IMEI status with EIRS before buying a mobile phone?

Does tourist need to register the IMEI of his/her mobile phone with EIRS?

Is it necessary for me to remember the IMEI of my mobile phone for future use?

Is mobile phone’s IMEI registration required the identity of consumer?

How can I ask for more information about mobile device registration with EIRS?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is an international identity number of SIM-based devices, consisting of 15 (fifteen) digits in below formats:

  • The first 8 (eight) digits is Type Allocation Code (TAC);
  • The next 6 (six) digits is Serial Numbers (SNR);

The last 1 (one) digit is used to verify the class of IMEI.

IMEI can be found​ as follows:

  • Dial *#06# from the dial pad of your mobile phone;
  • On the original mobile phone

Note: A mobile phone can have multiple IMEIs based on its available SIM(s).

IMEI status of a mobile phone​ can be checked free of charge with EIRS as follows:

  • Web portal: eirs.gov.kh
  • Mobile App: Download “IMEI KH” from Play Store or App Store
  • USSD: Dial *1205#
  • SMS: Type CHK and 15 digit IMEI code then send to 1205

Note: A mobile phone can have multiple IMEIs based on its available SIM(s). Therefore, you should check the status of all IMEIs that your mobile phone has.

Compliant IMEI with EIRS means any device whose IMEI is 15-digit long and has TAC (Type Allocation Code) approved by GSMA. Other criteria will be determined by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC).

Non-compliant IMEI with EIRS means any device whose IMEI is not following above definition of compliant IMEI.

A registered IMEI with EIRS means this IMEI has been recorded in EIRS to be allowed to work in Cambodia.

Device type of smartphone and feature phone shall register their IMEIs with EIRS in order to work with local SIM in Cambodia.

During the amnesty period, IMEI of device will be automatically registered with EIRS free of charge by inserting a local SIM or activating an eSIM on such device, and​ making a call or SMS to any phone number.

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